c.e. walz

author and composer

"Every mother has a treasure box of bonnets, blankets,
trinkets, and toys, if not hidden in a closet or attic,
then tucked away in a corner of her heart."
Mary had a unique perspective on the life of Jesus. No doubt the New Testament accounts of Jesus' birth give us only a glimpse of the events surrounding that silent night in Bethlehem, but Mary knew it all!  This was the most important event in her life, and Mary's heart, a mother's heart, is revealed in one tiny verse at the end of Luke's narrative:
"But Mary treasured all these things 
and pondered them in her heart."    
Luke 2:19
So imagine, if you will, that Mary was like all mothers, sentimental and maybe a little teary-eyed when she recalled memories of motherhood -- its joys and tribulations. Perhaps, like other mothers, Mary treasured
small mementos to remind her of the birth of her child-- a little piece of straw from the manger?  a swatch of the swaddling cloth? a ball of soft wool from a shepherd's sheep? This is where Mary's Treasure Box begins.
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