c.e. walz

author and composer

Mary's Treasure Box
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Even though Mary's Treasure Box is a children's book, its touching message of a mother's love for her son will resonate with Christians young and old.  The simplicity of Mary's story (as well as the uncomplicated props and set) creates a powerful and "stress-free" presentation for church, school, or holiday gatherings. Here are some suggestions for production (simple or elaborate) that I hope you will be able to share with your family
and friends this Christmas season. 
I.   Purchase a copy of Mary's Treasure Box
See words page for links to several online bookstore sites. Some of these sites
will have books for sale in their on-ground stores, but check around to make sure.
II.  Production options
A.  Read the book to your group. Make sure everyone can see the illustrations-- a very important aspect of reading a children's book aloud! You may want to consider the ebook version of Mary's Treasure Box and utilize big screen technology.
B.  Read the book to your group while an older woman (Mary)  and young girl (Hannah) act out the parts as you read.
C.  Create a synopsis of the book and read that to your group (with or without the actors from B. above).
D.  Create a script based on the book that is performed by Mary and/or Hannah. 
E.  Create a script from the book that is performed by Mary and Hannah and include children's choir, older choir members, or audience to sing appropriate Christmas carols interspersed between sections of the book (see suggestions under Music options).
F.  No matter how you wish to share the story, be sure to credit Mary's Treasure Box by C.E. Walz  (B&H Publishing Group) copyright 2015 in church newsletters, bulletins, and other publications. Make sales information (this website) available to those interested in purchasing a personal copy.

III.   Costuming and Props
A.  Costuming is pretty easy for those who have staged Biblical scenes or monologues before.  Just have lots of colorful fabric and cords handy.  If necessary, see illustrations in the book to give you some ideas.  Essentially, you will need a costume for Mary (an older woman) and Hannah (a young girl).  If you include choir members,  you may consider costumes for shepherds, angels, wise men, or any combination of these.  If you show any flashback scenes to the manger, you may need a costume for a younger Mary and Joseph.
B.  The one essential prop is a wooden box that holds Mary's treasures. My box came from Pier One Imports, but  I've seen  similar boxes  at craft stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Jo-Ann's Fabric. Many import stores or even discount stores will carry plain wooden boxes, too.  If someone in your group would like to donate or create a handmade box, that would add an extra special touch!  
The contents of the box are essential also. You will need these items:  
                     - several pieces of straw tied together
                     - a ball of gray or white wool
                     - a shepherd's wooden flute
                     - plain cloth to wrap around the straw, wool, and flute
                     - a small piece of gold jewelry (a child's plain bracelet)
                     - a smaller empty wooden box (for the frankincense)
                     - a small pitcher or vase (for the myrrh) filled with clay 
C.  Other props can be as simple as a table and two chairs, but if you want to create a more elaborate production, you may need the following:
D.  Signs of virtue (or word props) may be added as a visual "outline" for the group, especially if the story is narrated or summarized by a speaker. As each item in the box is presented in the book, a Christian virtue word is revealed. You may have a child or children display these words on signs that can be hung on a Christmas or Chrismon tree. Here are suggested virtue signs in capital letters:
IV.  Music options
Music is a very important part of worship. Again, this can be as simple as you wish or you can turn it into an extravaganza!  I do have some suggestions for appropriate Christmas carols if you intend to have choir, soloist, and/or congregational singing during the presentation.  
A.  If you plan to use several carols, consider just one verse of each  
You don't want too much time breaking into the narration/script because it disrupts the flow of the story, especially if you have many children in the audience. 
B.  Consider a variety of music -- in performance and style
a vocal solo, an instrumental solo, a choir carol, a congregational carol. Here are some        carol suggestions according to key scenes:
   1.  Manger scene (when the shepherds' gifts are revealed) 
       "Away in a Manger"   "O Little Town of Bethlehem"   "How Great Our Joy"   "Infant Holy"
   2.  Wise Men scene (when the gifts of the Magi are revealed) 
       "We Three Kings"   "The First Noel" (the third verse)
   3.  Empty Tomb scene (when Mary explains the gift of myrrh)
       "Joy to the World"  "Were You There" (any verse)
   4.  Mary's lullaby  (Mary's song near the end of the book)
       "In the Bethlehem of My Heart" - free vocal/keyboard song composed by C.E. Walz and        available for free download on this site. Click here                              
   5.  Postlude (joyous or reflective)
       "Joy to the World"    "Silent Night"
I hope your hearts will be blessed by imagining with me, through a mother's eyes, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  
                                            - C.E. (Carolyn) Walz

-  a wooden manger and swaddled baby doll for flashback scenes
-  a couple of shepherd staffs
-  a couple of LARGE stuffed animals (lamb, goat, cow, donkey)
- a blanket and pillow


- HUMILITY -represented by straw
- KINDNESS -represented by ball of wool
- JOY -represented by flute
- LOVE -represented by swaddling cloth 
- PURITY -represented by gold bracelet
- WORSHIP -represented by frankincense box
- HOPE -represented by myrrh